Like hair and skin, teeth vary in color, some appearing yellower than others even when healthy. Also, teeth tend to darken with age. A root-filled or dead tooth will also look much darker than normal. Smoking, red wine, tea and coffee can all have their effects too.

Teeth can now be lightened in shade, perfectly safely, using hydrogen peroxide in a jelly form.

We offer 3 techniques for whitening teeth. The simplest and most reliable method is the tray system using either basic over-the-counter trays or custom-fit trays constructed from an impression of your teeth taken by your dentist. These trays hold the peroxide jelly against the teeth for set periods
of time. Several sessions are required to achieve a desired result. The alternative method is to have power whitening carried out in the surgery. This technique uses a much stronger solution of peroxide for a shorter time ( IN ONE HOUR !!! ) and the lightening is accelerated using an intense light to heat the peroxide. The third-mixed technique is most effective and combines those two techniques.

Teeth whitening is a safe and non-invasive dental treatment and is preferable to crowns or veneers if all you need is to lighten your teeth.