Most of us  worry about tooth decay and fillings, in fact a much greater threat to your teeth as you get older is Gum Disease (this is also known as Periodontal Disease

It does not have to mean the end for your teeth but treatment does require meticulous home and professional care to keep it controlled. Gum disease comes in many forms and is affected by genetics, smoking, oral hygiene, dietary factors, family history and many other items. Its silent progress means that the only effective way to diagnose the extent of  problem is with a full examination.  

Catching the problem early is critical to the successful treatment of Gum Disease we screen all of our patients for gum disease at every examination visit. If we detect that you have a problem we can recommend a preventative program to reduce or halt the progression of gum disease. We can help you to slow the disease process down at best we can help you to avoid gum disease all together.